Canadians supportive of government response to Ukraine-Russia conflict, but many say more is needed

Half (47%) have shown support or donated to Ukraine personally since conflict began


A new study from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds Canadians mostly supportive of the fashion with which their government has responded and sought to support Ukraine, while many say they are doing their own bit to help.

Indeed, one-quarter of Canadians (27%) say they have donated money to support efforts to help Ukrainians since the war began in late February. Those over the age of 54 are most likely to be following the conflict and to have opened up their wallets. On the more symbolic side of this scale, nearly the same number (28%) have posted something in support on social media. A handful of Canadians (3%) say they have sponsored or supported a Ukrainian refugee or refugee family.

At the governmental level, where policy decisions can wield much more considerable influence, Canadians are largely supportive of efforts made to this point. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been offered in both weaponry and financial assistance, in addition to sanctions targeting Russian oligarchs and businesses. Three-in-five (61%) say they approve of the way the government has responded, while 22 per cent disapprove and 17 per cent are unsure. Notably, vast majorities of past Liberal and NDP voters are joined by half (47%) of past Conservative voters in praising the government’s approach to the crisis.

That said, many say Canada should do more. Ukrainian officials have requested more weaponry and support in recent weeks, while others say the Canadian government has been slow to commit to offering much needed heavy weapons. Two-in-five (38%) say this country has not done enough, the same number who say it has offered about the right level of assistance.

More Key Findings:

  • Women over the age of 54 are the most likely to report doing something – donating, posting on social media, etc. – in support of Ukraine since the war began at three-in-five. Meanwhile, two-thirds of men aged 18 to 34 years have kept their money in their wallet and socials free of Ukrainian flags.
  • One-in-five past Conservative Party voters (19%) say that Canada has done “too much” to help Ukraine and should do no more. Past Liberal (5%) and NDP (5%) voters are approximately four times less likely to say this.
  • Four-in-five Canadians (81%) say that they remain concerned about the possibility of a broader conflict involving Russia and western allies.