Castlemore seniors oppose ‘age inappropriate / irresponsible sex education agenda of Ontario Government’

Attachment-1image1CASTLEMORE, Ontario seniors raised their hands in support of parents’ agitation to protect young children from “age inappropriate / irresponsible sex education agenda of Ontario Government being forcibly implemented this fall with the support of opposition parties.”
Seniors and parents promised to participate in upcoming events.
Jotvinder Sodhi of HOWA thanked Harbans S Thind, president, Brar Sahib, S. Kashmiri S Deol, Master Vattan Singh and senior club leaders for their participation in the cause  and strengthening the struggle to save their grandchildren from the sex-education agenda.
Sodhi said the definition of a true leader is to help constituents resolve their concerns and if these don’t fall under their jurisdiction then they should take them to the appropriate level of government for solution. the silence of federal candidates is alarming for voters.
Leaders need to come out and help voters or be ready for a massive public revolt.
Team HOWA led by Paramjit K. Brar distributed flyers to all participants. More parents will join as volunteers in upcoming events.
Strong response to the car rally August 1st motivated parents. The sex education issue will be the main issue in upcoming elections for them, they said.