Chief Constable Lipinski Column: Surrey Police Service reaches two more significant milestones


Surrey Police Service


SURREY Police Service (SPS) continues to move forward as Surrey’s transition to a municipal police service progresses. Over the past month, we have reached two more significant milestones with the signing of the first collective agreement for our officers, and the deployment of our second group of officers into policing operations.

The collective agreement between the Surrey Police Union and the Surrey Police Board is one that truly represents the values of a modern, progressive police service. This agreement provides our SPS officers, from the rank of Constable to Staff Sergeant, with an employment package that focuses on employee wellness and competitive compensation. As SPS, we believe that if we take good care of our people, our people will, in turn, be better able to take care of the community they serve. It is a philosophy rooted in a belief that wellness impacts all aspects of our personal and professional lives. The Surrey Police Board has posted the collective agreement on their website for full public access (

At the end of March, 25 more experienced SPS police officers were deployed into policing operations in Surrey. We now have 66 SPS officers patrolling the streets of Surrey and responding to calls for service, alongside the Surrey RCMP. This is part of the phased, integrated policing transition that puts public safety first. Over time, our deployment numbers will grow and, eventually, SPS will become the official police of jurisdiction for Surrey. While the timeline has not yet been set for the transition of policing command, SPS is working hard to ensure we have the technology, equipment, and resources in place to make this a smooth transition.

We also recently welcomed 20 more police officers to SPS, bringing the total number of sworn officers working at SPS to 196. Our recruiting team has done an outstanding job of hiring a diverse group of employees who are reflective of the community we serve. Forty percent of our officers come from a culturally diverse background, with 20% identifying as South Asian, and 21% speaking Punjabi and/or Hindi.

We believe that a diverse workforce will help SPS to hear and understand the concerns, perspectives and needs of citizens more effectively. The role of law enforcement creates a very special need for understanding a multicultural society. It is SPS’s responsibility to share knowledge with all community members about personal safety and crime prevention so, collectively, we can keep our communities and families safe.

Surrey Police Service continues to grow and develop, with the support and guidance of the community we serve. Thank you for your continuing support.