Going, going, gone! Christy quits as BC Liberal head honcho

Christy Clark in Surrey during the provincial election campaign.
Photo by Vinnie Combow

CHRISTY Clark announced on Friday that she will step down as BC Liberal Party leader on August 4.

Clark was under tremendous pressure to quit after she failed to win a majority and kept clinging on to power. The media called her classless and graceless.

Meanwhile, a revolt against her started almost immediately after her loss as candidates who lost blamed her for botching up the election campaign.


PREMIER John Horgan said in a statement:

“Today we thank Christy Clark for her service to British Columbia.

“We take up the call of public service because we want to make this province a better place. While we represented two different political parties, Ms. Clark and I are united in the belief that, working together, we can build a better future for British Columbia and the people who call this place home.

“As an MLA and as Premier, Ms. Clark fought passionately for what she believed in. I know she will take that passion and energy to her next opportunity. I wish her all the best in her future endeavours.”


BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver said in a statement:

“I want to thank Christy Clark for her years of service to British Columbians, both as an MLA and as Leader of the BC Liberals. She has been a fierce advocate for British Columbia, here at home and around the world.

“A highlight of my time in the Legislature was working directly with Christy Clark to implement sexualized violence policy legislation for BC’s post-secondary institutions. Her leadership and willingness to work across party lines on this vital issue has made universities and colleges across this province safer for our students – and for this I am grateful.

“This experience illustrated what we can achieve when members of this house work together. I wish Christy Clark well in her future pursuits and look forward to developing a productive relationship with the next Leader of the BC Liberal Party.”


LAST week, The VOICE reported about a very interesting article – “BC Liberal election post mortem heaps blame on Clark” – by well-known investigative journalist Bob Mackin in ‘theBreaker.news’ in which he reported that the BC Liberal party brass met behind closed doors and let out their frustration left and right.

Mackin wrote: “Attendees of the Monday event [July 10] at a top secret location in downtown Vancouver included senior party members, several cabinet ministers, former support staff and party-connected lobbyists. Several unloaded on the horrific 2017 election campaign and named lame duck Premier Christy Clark as the problem.”

Mackin reported that at a similar meeting in Surrey, Peter Fassbender heaped all the blame on Clark, calling her – not the party – the problem.  “He called Finance Minister Mike de Jong too difficult, but had more criticism up his sleeve for the premier,” Mackin reported.

In fact, his criticism “was so harsh and intense, that he was asked to slow down!”

Mackin wrote: “Fassbender was blunt: “She lost it for us. Period. End of story.””

The VOICE wrote: “It’s time the Liberals dumped Clark and moved on with a new, respected leader like Andrew Wilkinson. Former solicitor general told The VOICE last month: “So at the end of the day I think there will be … several people, if there is a leadership race, who will throw their hats into the rink. I think at the end of the day, there will be a bitter battle between two people: I think Kevin Falcon has an interest of getting back in the government. I think Andrew Wilkinson, who is a bright individual – and he’s very clean, will throw his hat in the rink and I think it will be down to those two as a battle at the end of the day.”

“Some say that Falcon may not want to give up the lucrative job he holds at present, but may sponsor or back up some candidate.”