NDP: Christy Clark’s Liberals will revive HST in the near future

John Horgan

THE  NDP revealed on Friday that recently when Liberal MLA Doug Bing was asked how the BC Liberals would reform provincial taxes, he admitted the BC Liberals are planning a review of the tax system to justify bringing in the HST, predicting: “I would think in the near future it will be revived.” (Maple Ridge News)

NDP Leader John Horgan said: “Year after year, the BC Liberals have been taking money from hardworking British Columbians and handing it to their rich donors. Now we’ve learned that Christy Clark is planning to bring back the HST after the election. Enough is enough. British Columbians just can’t afford Christy Clark anymore.”

The NDP noted “For 16 years, the BC Liberals have promised to cut taxes before elections and then hiked taxes and hidden fees on regular British Columbians after elections. The average BC family now pays $1,000 more per year in Hydro, MSP, and ICBC than they did when Christy Clark’s Liberals were elected.
“If British Columbians hadn’t stood up to the BC Liberals and said no to the HST the first time, they would be paying another $800 a year right now with extra taxes on restaurant meals, school supplies, movie tickets, and much, much more.
“Christy Clark’s rich donors want the HST because it would shift billions in taxes from profitable corporations directly on to hardworking British Columbians.
“This election, there’s only one difference: Christy Clark let her plans slip before British Columbians vote.”


  1. This is great news for its potential damage to the SS Christy — and great timing. I hope it makes it BIG in the media.

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