City of Brampton forced to end bias against Sikh school, traffic-safety measures being reinstated

HEADLINES slow-school-zone-sign-k-2966THANKS to a report by the Globe and Mail newspaper a couple of weeks ago about how the City of Brampton had refused traffic-safety measures for a Sikh private school that was functioning where previously there had been a publicly-funded Catholic school, those common-sense measures are being put back in place. They include a new crosswalk, school zone signs and a crossing guard.

Marilyn Ball, Brampton’s chief planning and infrastructure services officer, told the newspaper that the measures were because this is a pressing public safety issue.

The removal of the safety signs had caused dangerous chaos at the school and just last month the city told the Globe and Mail that that was because “the intended need was no longer there.”

The Globe and Mail had in an earlier story pointed out that a Christian private school in the city had city-issued school-zone signs around it.

The Khalsa Community School has about 800 students – that is more than three times its built capacity – and the school and City are trying to sort out matters such as having 13 portables at the school while the City had approved only six.

Neighbours are upset because of the huge increase in traffic with some of them wanting it to be more like the previous school with 100 to 200 students only.