City of Surrey helping truck drivers who are essential to food & supply chain

SURREY Mayor Doug McCallum on Tuesday pointed out: “The men and women who drive the trucks that pick up our vital medical supplies, food and other essential goods so they are available at our local health unit, grocery market or drug store are unsung heroes in the battle against COVID-19.”

He added: “Just as COVID-19 has impacted our day to day routines, the same can be said for truckers. Access to restaurants, hotels and rest stops that were normally available to truck drivers have been curtailed. I know there has been an appeal from the trucking community to have the most basic of services available and that’s why the City of Surrey has made available the following list of public restrooms that remain open during this time of pandemic. It is important that we recognize the essential role truckers play and we should all be thanking and supporting the men and women who are the key links in our food and supply chain.”

View the list of City of Surrey washrooms that are currently open to all members of the public. All COVID-19 preventative measures and actions, such as hand washing and physical distancing, apply for patrons of the public facilities. The City added that it respectfully asks that supplies for the public restrooms are not removed for personal use.