City of Surrey makes changes in pickup to protect waste collection workers

THE City of Surrey announced on Friday that as a precaution for the health and safety of waste collection workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the following changes have been put in effect to protect waste collection workers.

Curbside garbage, organics and recycling pickup

Effective Monday, March 30, garbage, organics and recycling must be contained within carts.  Only items contained within carts will be picked up.Any excess organics, garbage or recycling materials set out in garbage bags, paper bags or standard cans will not be collected until further notice.  If material does not fit in your cart, please store it until your cart has been emptied and place it in your cart for your next scheduled pickup.

Dispose of all the following items in your garbage cart, contained in plastic garbage bags: personal hygiene products, used tissues, cleaning cloths, face masks, gloves, sanitary wipes – even those listed as flushable or compostable – and all other similar items. Securely tie garbage bags shut and place in your Garbage Cart on your regular collection day. If you’re sick or caring for someone who is sick, double bag all personal waste in plastic garbage bags, before placing in your garbage cart.

Large Item Pick Up Program

In addition, effective March 30, in order to prioritize waste collection services, the Large Item Pick Up Program will be suspended until further notice. 

Any large item scheduled for pickup on or after this date, will be rescheduled for pickup at a later date.  If you have placed your items at curbside, please bring your items in until this service resumes. The City’s contractor will be contacting residents to reschedule the pickup of previously scheduled items.

These measures have been in place to protect the waste collection workers and ensure they can carry out their duties safely during this time.

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