Sikh Coalition launches electronic guidebook for journalists

THE Sikh Coalition launched the first-ever electronic guidebook for journalists looking to report on Sikhism on Tuesday, National Religious Freedom Day, in New York.

The electronic version of the Sikhism guidebook, which was delivered to over 3,500 reporters, producers and editors at over 500 U.S. news outlets, joins the groundbreaking hard copy that was launched last year at the Religion News Association’s annual conference.

“This is a wonderful guide and resource for reporters covering Sikh issues,” said Orange County Register Religion Reporter, Deepa Bharath. “This guide provides depth and nuance and will be a go-to resource for me and my colleagues.”

To watch journalists from CBS News react to the book, entitled “Sikhism: A Reporter’s Guide” and talk Sikhism and reporting, click here.

The new electronic version of this project comes out of a continued partnership between the Sikh Coalition and the Religion News Foundation and joins guides on Christianity, Islam and Judaism as the latest resource in the Religion News Foundation’s series covering religion.

“We all know that the media has to do a better job of covering Sikhism and the Sikh community,” said Sikh Coalition Senior Religion Fellow and primary author, Simran Jeet Singh. “We hope that this will help them do so, both by improving the accuracy of coverage and by equipping reporters with a resource that helps them write more about Sikh issues.”

The Sikh Coalition worked for nearly two years to complete the book before the Religion News Foundation took the product to print. This resource can now be permanently found on their website.  For acquiring a hard copy version, email

“Partnering with the Sikh Coalition to provide this expert reporter guide has been outstanding,” said Thomas Gallagher, CEO, Religion News Foundation. “The Sikh Coalition’s expertise and professionalism from start to finish ensure this product will be a valuable resource for reporting in America in the years to come.”