Coast Mountain Bus Company says union again refuses to resume negotiations

MICHAEL McDaniel, President of Coast Mountain Bus Company, announced on Thursday that the Coast Mountain Bus Company on Wednesday formally asked the union to come back to the bargaining table to discuss working conditions for bus operators, but they once again refused.

McDaniel said: “Our existing offer already gives bus operators and maintenance trade workers a larger wage settlement than other public sector workers, enhanced benefits, and addresses working conditions for bus operators. The union has made no attempt to find common ground and have stuck with their $608 million demand that equals the cost of all recently-approved bus service expansion and improvements.”

He added: “We’re ready to talk at the bargaining table but we can’t negotiate with ourselves. We need the union to return to the bargaining table. Union representatives have repeatedly refused our suggestion of bringing in a third-party mediator to help resolve the situation.”

According to CMBC:

* On top of what CMBC is currently offering, the union is demanding an additional $608 million in wages, benefits, and working conditions over 10 years.
* Under CMBC’s current offer to the union, Maintenance Trade employees would see wage increases of more than 12% [12.2%] over four years.
* Under CMBC’s current offer to the union, Transit Operators would see wage increases of nearly 10% [9.6%] over four years.
* In addition to the above, CMBC has enhanced the benefit package and improved working conditions – specifically targeting recovery time.


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