Peel Regional Police Chief says she and police force committed to workplace free from discrimination and harassment

IN light of a recent decision by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Peel Regional Police Chief Jennifer Evans said on Tuesday that she wants to reassure the community and employees that the Peel Regional Police is a diverse and inclusive employer, and that all employees have the same opportunities for promotion regardless of race, ancestry, place of origin and /or ethnic origin.

Evans repeated her long-standing commitment to ensuring Peel Regional Police is free of workplace discrimination and harassment.



While in the past, traditional policing models were heavily focused on front-line operations, the existing Peel Regional Police model is also focused on community policing and public engagement. Community policing roles, including those in areas like Diversity Relations, Crime Prevention and Community Support are essential to building strong relationships with community partners which is a priority for Peel Regional Police, said Evans.

She added that their Diversity Relations Unit is growing steadily to keep up with increasing demands for service within the community. The officers in that area do incredible work and are valued for what they do to enhance and sustain strong connections within the community.