Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole shares plan to support parents

CONSERVATIVE Party Leader Erin O’Toole on Monday in Ottawa shared his plan to support parents.

“The last thing I want new and expecting parents to worry about is their income or how they’re going to pay for essentials like cribs, car seats, and clothes when [Liberal Party Leader] Justin Trudeau is driving up the cost of everything,” said O’Toole. “Canada’s Conservatives have a plan to help these parents keep more of their income and get relief when they need it most for these new costs.”

Through Canada’s Recovery Plan, a Conservative government will:

  • Improve Canada’s existing maternity and parental leave programs to allow new parents to earn and keep up to $1,000 per month without the government clawing back their maternity or parental leave.
  • Provide expecting parents with the Canada Child Benefit starting in the seventh month of pregnancy to help them purchase essentials as they prepare for the arrival of their baby.
  • Create a National Adoption Strategy that will include more generous benefits for adoptive parents, including an expanded EI benefit and an increase to the Adoption Expense Tax Credit from $15,000 to $20,000.

“Making life more affordable for Canadians and ensuring our maternity and parental leave programs work for families in today’s modern workforce will remain top priorities for a Conservative government,” said O’Toole. “Only Canada’s Conservatives have a plan to secure the future for new and expecting Canadian families.”