B.C. Liberals: NDP fails to deliver supports as need for economic plan grows

THE BC Liberals on Monday said that the Quarterly Report from the Minister of Finance reveals the NDP government’s continued failure to effectively roll out support programs and underlines the need for a comprehensive plan to create jobs and grow the economy.

Mike Bernier, BC Liberal Critic for Finance, said: “The update given by the Finance Minister today shows that the majority of the NDP’s supports have failed to effectively make it out the door and into the hands of employers, workers and families. Only 10 per cent of the Increased Employment Incentive Tax Credit has been paid out and nearly a million people who were eligible for the BC Recovery Benefit could not claim it, despite there being no shortage of people and businesses in need. Additionally, not a single NDP business grant program had been more than 50 per cent paid out as of June this year.”

He added: “With problems like the growing labour shortage, debt, and other pressures caused by the fourth wave of COVID-19 facing the province, this is simply unacceptable. It’s clearer than ever that B.C. needs a real economic plan. One that creates jobs, grows the economy, brings the budget back in balance and ensures that support is actually provided to those in need.”