Conservative Party sets political fundraising record

Andrew Scheer
Photo: Vinnie Combow

THE Conservative Party said on Tuesday that it has set a Canadian political fundraising record for any party in a first quarter. The party financials from the first quarter of 2019 reported contributions to its election efforts of $8,010,861 from 50,026 donors – an average donation of $160.

The $8 million raised by the Conservative Party in Q1 is nearly $700,000 better than the previous highest first quarter – $7.3 million raised in 2011 when the party was on the cusp of winning a majority government.

“After the SNC-Lavalin scandal, it’s clear Canadians want change,” said Andrew Scheer, Conservative Party Leader. “It’s yet another record fundraising quarter from our party as more and more Canadians are looking for a new government that will lower taxes, manage our finances, and help them get ahead, not just get by. The Conservative Party will be that government for Canadians.”

The fundraising haul is the single biggest first quarter in Canadian political history since donations started being reported in 2005. The over 50,000 donors is the most donors any political party has had in any quarter this election cycle.

“These latest fundraising numbers show that our message resonates with Canadians,” said Scheer. “Our country is tired of Liberal scandal after Liberal scandal. These results are a clear indication that people are fed up with Trudeau’s poor judgement and ethical lapses. More and more Canadians are putting their trust in the Conservative party to clean up the corruption and stop the parade of Trudeau Liberals to the Ethics Commissioner’s office.”

Top Q1 donations, any Canadian political party:

  1. 2019 – Conservative Party – $8,010,861
  2. 2011 – Conservative Party – $7,370,105
  3. 2015 – Conservative Party – $6,302,918

Top Q1 donors, any Canadian political party:

  1. 2011 – Conservative Party – 50,478
  2. 2019 – Conservative Party – 50,026
  3. 2007 – Conservative Party – 45,192