Conservatives first party to select full slate of candidates

Andrew Scheer Photo: Vinnie Combow

 THE Conservative Party of Canada on Tuesday became the first party to reach a full slate of candidates nominated across Canada and boasted it was “far ahead of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.”

The Conservative team led by Andrew Scheer includes a record number of women candidates with 105, well ahead of the previous high of 68 in 2011. Conservative candidates in 2019 include Indigenous Canadians, LGBTQ+ Canadians, Muslims, Sikhs, Jewish Canadians, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and new Canadians including those who immigrated in the 2000s.

They also come from diverse professional backgrounds. Conservative candidates in 2019 include:

• Veterans
• Police officers
• Small business owners
• Public servants
• Farmers
• Teachers
• Stay-at-home parents
• Healthcare professionals
• Financial professionals
• Engineers
• Journalists
• Professional athletes
• A tattoo shop owner
• A Juno-award winning country music star
• A Paralympic gold-medalist
• An Olympic gold-medalist

“This team of candidates is among the most professionally and personally diverse group we’ve ever put forward,” said Scheer. “This election will be about choosing a Prime Minister and a government that will help you get ahead, and all 338 of our candidates represent that choice well. Canadians are looking for a team with a plan that lives within our means and puts more money in your pocket.

“This is a team you can trust to help you get ahead.”