Conservatives slam Liberals for their hypocrisy on same-sex marriage

Andrew Scheer Photo: Vinnie Combow

THE Conservative Party on Thursday slammed the federal Liberals for distorting their leader Andrew Scheer’s viewpoint on same-sex marriage.

It said in a press statement: “As [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau and the Liberals desperately try to distract from one of the biggest corruption scandals in Canadian history, and their failure to help Canadians get ahead, they are digging up old clips of debates settled a long time ago.
“The video that once-respected but now shamelessly partisan Liberal cabinet minister Ralph Goodale shared is from a debate on same-sex marriage in the House of Commons from more than a decade ago.
“Since that time many Canadians have had their perspectives change.
“Goodale himself voted against same-sex marriage in 1999.
“Other prominent Liberal politicians, including Dalton McGuintyJean ChretienPaul Martin, and Stephane Dion have all opposed same-sex marriage or unions at one point or another.”

The party then gave a list of current Liberal MPs who have voted against or opposed same-sex marriage: 

  • Bill Casey
  • Wayne Easter
  • Ralph Goodale
  • Lawrence MacAulay
  • John McKay
  • Robert Nault
  • Denis Paradis
  • Francis Scarpaleggia
  • Mark Eyking
  • Joe Peschisolido
  • Judy Sgro
  • Scott Simms

The statement added: “Andrew Scheer unequivocally supports equal LGBTQ rights, including same-sex marriage as defined in law. He has advocated in the House for marginalized LGBTQ communities around the world.

“While the Trudeau Liberals will do anything to distract from their record of scandal and failure, Andrew Scheer will continue to share his positive vision to help Canadians get ahead.

“Justin Trudeau promised to do politics differently and that he wouldn’t campaign on wedge issues. This is just another way he is not as advertised.”