Conservatives slam Trudeau for his “rash and irresponsible #WelcomeToCanada tweet”

Michelle Rempel

MICHELLE Rempel, Conservative critic for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship on Tuesday issued a statement in response to the Mayor of Toronto’s request for emergency funding from Ottawa to handle the influx of illegal border crossers entering the city:

“We are starting now to see the full scope of the consequences of Justin Trudeau’s rash and irresponsible #WelcomeToCanada tweet. His government is already shelling out hundreds of millions to deal with illegal border crossers and now, because of his carelessness and lack of judgment, Canadians could be on the hook for much more.

“Mr. Trudeau and other politicians must realize the real-life consequences of their words when it comes to immigration. It is not compassionate nor prudent to give these individuals false hope when we know that the majority of the asylum claims before the Immigration and Refugee Board will eventually be rejected.

“It is unacceptable for politicians to look to each other for more taxpayer dollars to provide band aid solutions for the mismanagement at our borders. Since the Liberal government has failed to take action to address this problem, Canada will be dealing with the aftermath of the border crossing crisis for years to come.

“Canada’s Conservatives will continue to call for policy solutions that will enable our immigration system to run on a safe, orderly, and compassionate basis that prioritizes the world’s most vulnerable. Justin Trudeau must answer for his failure to manage the crisis at our borders.”


  1. Way togo Michelle,Just imagine the amount of good those wasted millions would do for homless kids families and single mothers who are Canadian and have to see this huge amount of money wasted on illegals hiding behind a name and a point of law.

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