Craig James and Gary Lenz respond to allegations

B.C. Legislature building
Photo by Rattan Mall

A report written by Speaker Darryl Plecas on Clerk of the House Craig James and Sergeant-at-Arms Gary Lenz and released publicly by the all-party Legislative Assembly Management Committee (LAMC) on January 21 shocked British Columbians at the allegations of misuse of tax dollars.

On Thursday, both James and Lenz responded to the allegations in separate statements to the media.

James said: “I have submitted my response to Speaker Plecas’ report to the Legislative Assembly Management Committee today as directed.

“I have responded to the concerns expressed about my behaviour as best as I can in the short time allowed to me and in the absence of access to records and staff.

“I maintain, as I have all along, that I have not done anything wrong which justifies the actions that have been taken against me, or the unfair and prejudicial manner in which those actions have been taken.

“I am depending on the LAMC and the Members of the House to review the information that I have provided carefully and treat me fairly.

“It is my expectation that the LAMC will publish my response as they did the report of the Speaker.”

Lenz said: “On this day, I have submitted to the British Columbia Legislative Assembly Management Committee (LAMC) a response to the very serious and troubling allegations made in a report prepared by Speaker Darryl Plecas released to the public on January 21.

“I have responded to each and every allegation contained in this report. I have maintained from the day when I was publicly removed from my position and the Legislative buildings under police escort that I have committed no wrongdoing.

“The negative impact this has had on me and my family is immeasurable.

“In my submission to the LAMC, I have provided detailed information and as many supporting documents as possible despite being denied access to my office and staff in the Legislative Assembly.

“Over the past 13 years of service to the people of British Columbia, I have been ethical, honest, fiscally responsible, trustworthy and non-partisan. I have not acted in a manner unbecoming to the office of the Sergeant-at-Arms.

“It is still my hope and wish to resume my duties.

“I urge the LAMC to review my response carefully.  It is my hope that I will quickly be exonerated.

“In the meantime, it is my wish that my response be released to the public.”