Critical flow of supplies must be maintained in North Shuswap: BC United

AFTER hearing about government efforts to block critical supplies from reaching those who stayed behind to protect homes and structures from fire in the North Shuswap, United BC MLAs Greg Kyllo (Shuswap), Todd Stone (Kamloops-South Thompson) and Peter Milobar (Kamloops-North Thompson) said in a statement on Tuesday:

“Yesterday, Premier David Eby spoke about the spirit and resourcefulness of numerous contractors who stayed behind to protect homes and structures in the North Shuswap, providing many costly items like fuel needed to run generators so water pumps would continue to operate structural protection units despite the absence of official government authorization to do so.

“Sadly, these same contractors are being abandoned by Eby’s government, which is currently blocking critical supplies from reaching them, in an apparent effort to force them out.

“Without an immediate and significant deployment of government personnel and resources to continue fighting the fire, it is completely unacceptable that the government is blocking food, water and fuel from reaching these contractors who are credited with successfully preventing the loss of numerous homes and structures in Scotch Creek, Celista and other areas of the North Shuswap.

“These individuals should receive the supplies they need to continue to protect properties and structures in their communities. This government must order an end to this blockade of vital resources immediately.”