Cyclists have the right to use the Sea to Sky Hwy: RCMP

The road to Whistler can be busy at the best of times, but with events like the Ironman and Gran Fondo coming up, there are a lot more cyclists on Highway 99.

As a result, police in Sea to Sky country are clarifying the rules of the road for cyclists and drivers.

Mounties say a big misconception is bikers having to stay on the side of the road. Sergeant Rob Knapton says that’s not true; they just have to stay to the right.

“That doesn’t mean riding on the shoulder or riding in the gravel area. If there’s gravel or there’s debris, they have every right to be riding on the road… in the lane,” he explains.

Because of that, he’s reminding drivers that they have to share the road with two-wheelers.

For cyclists, Knapton says they have to ride single-file.
“Earlier this week, we had a report that there were cyclists that were travelling up four abreast on the highway. Obviously, that’s illegal and that is something that needs to be dealt with and the cycling community needs to aware they have to ride single-file.”

Police are using upcoming events like the Gran Fondo to highlight road rules in hopes of avoiding a serious accident.