Delta Police deal calmly with man in distress


The VOICE received videos of the incident on Tuesday night but decided not to use them as the man clearly had mental health issues. It is a shame that various TV news stations used the same video on Wednesday even though they blurred out the man’s face just for news ratings!


DELTA’S police chief is crediting his officers’ training and composure after they peacefully apprehended a man apparently experiencing a mental health crisis in North Delta on the evening of Tuesday, May 7.

Delta Police officers received numerous calls just before 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7 about a naked man walking and spinning down the middle of Scott Road / 120th Street near 90th Avenue. According to bystanders, the man then proceeded then to climb onto a vehicle, and jump on it. The vehicle was occupied by a family with two children. The man also entered the vehicle, but was removed by a member of the public.

The man was walking down the middle of 120th Street when police arrived on scene. Recognizing that the man appeared to be scared and worried, police officers spoke with him in a calm voice, and asked him to sit on the centre median. Officers were able to place the man in handcuffs with no use of force, apprehend him under the Mental Health Act and take him to hospital.

“Our officers receive extensive critical incident and mental health intervention training to de-escalate people who may be experiencing a crisis in their lives, whether that is related to mental health or other factors,” said Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord. “This situation was a bit different as it occurred in a very public manner, but this peaceful resolution is reflective of the type of work our officers do regularly.”

No members of the public were injured during the incident. Police checked in with the family who were sitting in the car when the man jumped on it, and they were doing well, with their vehicle sustaining some minor damage.

The investigation remains ongoing.

If you recorded video at the scene of this incident, investigators Constbale Steve Bentley and / or Constable Deanna Church would like to hear from you. You can call them on the non-emergency number at 604-946-4411.