Delta rescue prompts warning to hunters about quickly moving tides

DELTA Police, Delta Fire and the Canadian Coast Guard were recently able to help two hunters in distress after they became trapped in marshlands.

Two men, who were hunting ducks at Brunswick Point in the 2600-block of River Road West, got lost in the darkness and tall reeds in the evening of October 21. Hunting is legal within certain areas of Delta with applicable hunting licenses and permits.

As water levels had risen, the hunters made a smart decision and called 9-1-1. At that point the water level was approximately 1.5 metres high, and the hunters did not feel they would be able to make it back to safety.

Police attended the area and requested assistance from both the Coast Guard and the Delta Fire Department.

“Our officers walked 1.5 kilometres through marshland and reeds about six to eight feet high. Fortunately they were able to locate the hunters with their flashlights, getting within 100 metres of them,” said Inspector Guy Leeson, Head of Operations for Delta Police, on Friday.

“With the assistance of the Coast Guard searchlights and their flashlights police were able to highlight a safe pathway for the hunters through the marshlands, and then escorted them back to safety,” said Leeson.

The Delta Fire Department checked on the hunters and confirmed they did not need any medical attention.

The hunters had valid hunting licenses.

“We’re very pleased our officers were able to locate the hunters quite quickly, despite challenging circumstances,” said Leeson.  “We’re flagging this incident for the public as the ending could have easily been very different. Hunters – especially those new to the area – need to be aware of the time when the sun sets and that tides here can move quickly. It’s very important to be properly prepared.”