Demi Moore in McLeodganj

Hollywood actress, the 51-year-old Demi Moore, who’s going through a tough phase in life post her split with Ashton Kutcher, is in India on a spiritual trip. Looking calm during what is termed as her soul-exploring trip, Demi, according to a source, “Was discussing intricacies of life with some Buddhist monks in McLeodganj.” Adds the source, “She also said that she’s willing to visit McLeodganj again in a few months’ time. She particularly asked about tonsured heads and its relevance in their lives.” The Ghost star attended the mind and life conference chaired by the Dalai Lama.

Demi also visited a local cafe near the temple road and then headed to Nick’s Italian kitchen on the Bhagsu Road. Also, to know more about Tibetan culture, she made it a point to witness a traditional Tibetan dance and music performance at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. Accompanying Demi was her teacher Hargopal Kaur Khalsa, and we hear she evinced an interest to visit The Golden Temple. Demi was quoted as having said, “I find it great here and I am learning something from this special trip.”