Doug McCallum receives endorsement from five Surrey taxi companies after promising to ban Uber from Surrey

SURREY Mayoral candidate Doug McCallum received the endorsement of five Surrey taxi companies on Wednesday following a meeting with over 100 representatives and executive members. The companies in attendance and now offering public support of McCallum are Newton Whalley HiWay Taxi, Surdell Kennedy Taxi, Delta Sunshine Taxi, Guildford Cab Ltd. and Pacific Cabs Ltd.

McCallum received the endorsement after expressing his staunch opinions on fighting the entry of Uber into the Surrey market.

Spokesperson for the five companies Mohan Kang stated that McCallum’s strong record on transportation issues when serving as the chair of Translink helped to secure the endorsement.

“Our companies are at a very critical point in history, and it is vital that we have a strong advocate in the mayor’s chair to fight for our industry’s future,” said Kang. “Doug had great success in working with other governments and external partners as Translink Chair, and our group is confident that this experience will be very important in the coming years.”

The ride sharing service Uber is now attempting to enter the Metro Vancouver market for the second time in two years. The unregulated service provides a direct threat to the safety offered by cabs that are legally licensed by both the Passenger Transportation Board and their respective host cities.

This is an issue that McCallum intends to be very vocal about as mayor.

“I understand the current threat to the Surrey taxi companies from Uber, and the city can no longer sit back and serve as a silent observer while such issues arise,” said McCallum. “As Mayor, I will be speaking directly to the Passenger Transportation Board in regards to stopping Uber from operating in the City of Surrey.”


  1. Another election promise, when Dough McCallum was mayor of Surrey he promised will abolish the chauffeur fee, but he incresed it. He amended By Law in 1999 No.13610.On July 9, 2001 invited bids to sell taxi plates that no bid below $30,000 will be accepted. These FIVE taxi companies challenged this bylaw and Supreme Court quashed this bylaw.
    Mr. Mohan Kang do not represent whole taxi industry, there are drivers and they have issues no city council addresses them because they do not contribute towards their election funds.

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