Eco-activist Sant Seechewal honoured at US gurdwara

Eco-activist Sant Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal, who has been leading the campaign to clean-up sacred Bein, associated with the life and enlightenment of Guru Nanak in Punjab, and other rivers and sacred places across the Punjab and India, was honored by S.Maninder Singh Walia president, S.Jasvir Singh Lalli former president and Bhai Paritam Singh priest of the Gurdwara.

Kanwal Parkash Singh said Bhai Balbir Singh’s anti-pollution crusade and efforts have been recognized nationally and internationally with awards and honors.

In his remarks to the Sikh congregation, Bhai Balbir Singh reminded the audience of the significance of the life-gifts of God: air, water, seasons, mother earth that carries myriad blessings that sustain life, not just human life but all life. Since we recite in our daily prayers that “Nature is Crown and the resting place of God” and all Nature and Creation worships God, “then why must we pollute that what is sacred and venerable and sustains life.”

Seechewal and his team of sevadars and supporters in India and around the world are awakening the Sikh community to the care of environment, preservation of sacred sites and historic buildings, and to stem the downward spiral of deadly pollution of air and water that is bringing death and destruction in its wake.

“Instead of mindless destruction, we need to lead efforts to plant trees, make our sacred places as inviting attractions, and safeguard our heritage as a very sacred treasure and as a moral and spiritual responsibility,” he said.

It was another amazing testimony of faith at work, a noble and much-needed spiritual commitment to serve and sustain Life for all God’s Children.