Entering or leaving Canada? Big Brother will be watching you!

THE Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will exchange information collected at the land border with the U.S. so that one country’s entry record becomes the other’s exit record.

Well-known immigration lawyer Richard Kurland, who runs Canada’s leading immigration publication, Lexbase, also reports that CBSA will begin to collect exit data on all travellers leaving Canada by air directly from airlines, and in five years, people will no longer have to report “days in Canada” for citizenship and permanent residence card renewals, because government will have your personal information about where you were.  

Information obtained by Lexbase about Project Entry-Exit states: “Enable Canada to identify individuals overstaying their allowable period, assist in identifying when residency requirements are met and record departures of individuals subject to removal orders. Close integrity gaps in programs by providing information used to identify fraud. Enhance law enforcement, national security, and border immigration management by enabling Canada to know who is within its borders.”