B.C. Liberals slam NDP and Greens for excluding taxi industry from all-party discussions

Rich Coleman
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

THE B.C. Liberals on Tuesday slammed the NDP and the Green Party for voting to exclude the taxi industry from a discussion taking place at an all-party MLA committee on ride-sharing.

The government and the third party joined forces to defeat an amendment introduced by BC Liberal House Leader Mike de Jong that specifically would have included existing taxi licensees and taxi industry employees in the consultations, they said.

“It simply doesn’t make sense for an all-party committee to look at ridesharing and not hear from the group most directly impacted,” said Opposition Leader Rich Coleman. “Having an opportunity to speak to an all-party committee ensures all perspectives are heard and we are disappointed that the NDP and Greens have taken that away from the taxi industry.”

“Evolving technologies can lead to changes and it is important to get it right,” said transportation critic Jordan Sturdy. “I don’t understand how the government can make good decisions on this while refusing to ensure perspectives of both taxis and ridesharing companies are heard.”

The BC Liberals said they will continue to stand up for jobs across the province, including the thousands working in the taxi industry.