Extreme fire rating and park closures in Delta

DELTA Mayor Lois E. Jackson and Chief Administrative Officer George V. Harvie have put the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) on standby, to be deployed if required.

Due to the continued hot and dry weather conditions, as well as the lack of provincial resources available, the Fire Danger Rating for Delta and most of British Columbia is Extreme. In these conditions, fires will start easily, spread rapidly, and challenge fire suppression efforts.

An Open Burning Ban is in effect for all areas of Delta. There is also an Open Cooking Ban (propane and briquette BBQs) and No Smoking Ban in all Delta parks until further notice.

In an effort to minimize the extreme fire risk, the following Delta parks are temporarily closed starting:

* Boundary Bay Park Reserve, 35 – 66th Street, Tsawwassen
* Cougar Canyon Nature Reserve, 11300 Block of 72nd Avenue, North Delta
Delta Nature Reserve, 8000 Nordel Way, North Delta
North 40 Park Reserve, North of Churchill Street, Ladner
Watershed Park, 11600 Kittson Parkway, North Delta
(List of park closures is subject to change. Visit Delta.ca for updates.)

These closures are an inconvenience to our residents, businesses and visitors during the summer season, but it is important that we make fire safety a top priority to protect our diverse and expansive parks and wilderness areas.

Delta Fire, Delta Police, the Corporation of Delta’s Park Patrols and Bylaw staff are actively patrolling parks, beaches and Burns Bog access points to ensure no unauthorized activities are taking place. Violators who fail to comply with the park closures and bans will be charged with the offence of Trespass, which carries a fine of $200.

Assist Delta in the fire prevention efforts by reporting all fires to 9-1-1 and any unauthorized activities, such as smoking or campfires in Delta Parks, to the Delta Police Department’s 24/7 non-emergency line at 604-946-4411.

Visitors to Delta’s parks and facilities are asked to exercise caution and obey posted signs and fire danger guidelines. You can also follow these helpful tips:

* Do not discard smoking materials from vehicles; use vehicle interior ashtrays
* Do not dispose of cigarette butts in flower beds or bark mulch beds
* Use large, deep, non-tip ashtrays to prevent ashes from falling onto combustible materials
* Allow lawn and farm equipment to cool before storing away
* Exercise caution with All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), which produce a tremendous amount of heat and can ignite brush from their exhaust system
* Be aware of all spark and fire sources
* Campfires and propane and briquette BBQs are prohibited everywhere
* Be cautious around fire in windy conditions