Facebook group World Tamil Women (WTW) and its sister groups’ third annual event

WHAT a fabulous and colourful night it was on December 28! It was the third annual event organized by the Facebook groups, World Tamil Women (WTW), the first of its kind created in Vancouver just for women, and its sister groups Queens of Home Kitchen (QHK) and Dream Sarees and Salwars (DSS). The meet took place in Delta and was attended by nearly 100 women.

These groups were created by Brindha Suresh for women . Along with her, Niranjani Sekar, Pushpalatha Seenappa and Kavitha Krishnan are the groups’ admins from Vancouver. A few other admins from India and USA offer their support to the groups globally.

There were contests and programs for women of all ages in the event like fun games, 50/50 lottery, lucky draws with mega prizes not to mention the surprise gifts taped under 20+ chairs and return gifts to all the attendees. The visiting Mothers from India were paid homage with gifts of beautiful shawls. The event concluded with a delicious Indian dinner.

With these exclusive events, the women of our community get their well deserved breather from their busy and demanding routine.

Their future goal is to register WTW group as a non-profit organization , create more opportunities of social networking, provide info sessions and organize activities for women.