Fake encounters: AISSF to pursue murder case against former DGP KPS Gill

AMRITSAR: All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) has declared that they will initiate criminal proceedings against former DGP KPS Gill and Sub Inspector (SI) Surjit Singh for killing innocent Sikhs in “fake encounters” during 1990s.

Sub Inspector Surjit Singh has publicly confessed that on the directions and orders of the then DGP KPS Gill , he had killed several dozen innocent Sikh youths and covered up the killings as “face encounters of unidentified terrorists”.

It’s a question mark on the India’s claim of equal treatment to all minorities that a police officer is confessing to have killed dozens of Sikhs in the staged encounters at the orders of superiors and yet Government and Judiciary has not taken any action just because the victims are Sikhs, quipped AISSF President Karnail Singh Peermohammad.

Due to the inaction of government and judiciary, AISSF President stated that a criminal complaint will be filed with the court asking to initiate proceedings against KPS Gill and Surjit Singh under sections 302 for murder and under section 120A for conspiracy to eliminate Sikhs during 1990s.

Referring to the recent open confession by sub inspector Surjit Singh, AISSF President stated that federation’s claim that during 1990s under the command of DGP KPS Gill, Sikh youths were branded as militant and eliminated in extra judicial killing under the disguise of anti terrorism campaign, has proved to be a fact.

AISSF was at the forefront of peaceful struggle for right to self determination and because of that hundreds of Federation activists and high ranking leaders were killed in fake encounters staged under the command of KPS Gill who set the policy of eliminating innocent Sikh youths during 1990s, he added.