Falcon must denounce repeated anti-science comments from his caucus: NDP

THE NDP said on Thursday that Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon must reject the comments of three BC Liberal MLAs who have praised ‘freedom convoy’ protestors, opposed public health advice on vaccines, and spread dangerous ideas about COVID.

At a ‘freedom convoy’ event in Cranbrook last month, protestors read out a letter of support from Tom Shypitka. At the height of the illegal protests, Shypitka said of the protestors: “government needs to listen, bring in, and recognize these strong Canadians.”

Last week on Thursday in the legislature, John Rustad pushed the “Great Barrington Declaration” – a far-right document that calls for the deliberate spread of COVID to achieve herd immunity. Dr. Anthony Fauci has called the declaration “nonsense and very dangerous” and said it would cause “unnecessary deaths.”

In his speech, Rustad blamed government’s decision to listen to public health advice for causing “the divisions that are being created in our society.”

MLA Renee Merrifield sought support from convoy protestors during her leadership bid. On Wednesday, she called for an immediate end to vaccine passport rules, despite the Public Health Officer saying the passport is still “one of those important tools that we have.”

As Falcon’s MLAs support convoy protestors and spread fringe ideas, 93.4% of eligible British Columbians 12+ have received at least one dose of vaccine, the NDP pointed out.

“Since Kevin Falcon became leader, we have seen three of his MLAs amplify dangerous views about COVID-19 and support illegal convoy protests. Under his leadership, MLAs with anti-science views appear free to spread misinformation. He needs to stand up today and unequivocally denounce these dangerous comments,” the NDP demanded.