Falcon shows his elitism by mocking regular jobs: NDP

AT Tuesday night’s BC Liberal leadership debate, Kevin Falcon mocked BC NDP MLAs with working class backgrounds, says the NDP.

Falcon said of BC NDP MLAs, “this is the best job they’ll ever have and they’ll hang onto it like a drowning person with a life raft.” (Video)

“What kind of jobs is Falcon mocking?” asks the NDP, and notes that its MLAs have worked as teachers, firefighters, bus operators, farmers, small business owners, police officers, engineers, millwrights, nurses, flight attendants, social workers, and more.

In May 2021, Falcon told Mike Smyth that returning to politics was “going to be a financial sacrifice” for him. The leader of the official opposition makes $166,536 a year.

Dan Coulter, NDP MLA and former millwright, says: “Kevin Falcon might think only rich real estate developers have worthwhile jobs, but most British Columbians would disagree. When he mocks BC NDP MLAs for having regular jobs, he mocks all working British Columbians. He’s showing he’s in it for people at the top and would make everyone else pay the price.”