Falcon: “Standing with British Columbians to bring awareness to inclusive anti-bullying efforts”

BC Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon said in a statement for Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday: “Fifteen years ago, a single act of kindness created a global movement against bullying. Today, our BC Liberal team is proud to continue the tradition of wearing pink shirts and standing with British Columbians to bring awareness to inclusive anti-bullying efforts.

“One in five children experience bullying. Whether it occurs in schools, workplaces, homes, or online, many people face the physical, emotional, and mental impacts of bullying, harassment, and intolerance.

“We all have a role to play in ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for British Columbians. The past two years during the pandemic have come with additional challenges for us all, but especially for children and youth.

“It is now more important than ever to provide students with the supports and resources they need to feel safe and thrive. Through education and practicing kindness in our daily lives, we can strive for a world without bullying.

“This year’s theme is ‘Lift Each Other Up’ and as we consider the mental and emotional recovery that will be required for so many in a post-pandemic world, it is going to take a collective effort to support our friends, neighbours, and loved ones.

“With our province’s diversity, we support all British Columbians in embracing their cultures, identities, and true selves. Together, we can continue to teach, share, and celebrate our collective diversity for the betterment of all communities.

“On Pink Shirt Day, and every day, our BC Liberal team remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring that everyone who calls this province home can live, work, learn, and play without fear of bullying and intimidation.”