Family of 2016 missing person Dane Stanway makes public appeal

THE Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) is calling on the public to help further its suspicious missing person investigation from 2016 on the Sunshine Coast of B.C.   

On May 12, 2016, 27-year-old Dane Stanway was reported missing to the Sunshine Coast RCMP. His last known contact with family and friends was on May 6, 2016. He lived in a house on Gilmour Road in Gibsons, B.C., when he went missing. The initial investigation determined that Stanway’s disappearance was suspicious in nature and IHIT later took conduct of the case.

For over four years, investigators have explored various avenues of investigation to determine Stanway’s whereabouts, but so far, he remains a missing person. Investigators believe Stanway may have met foul play.

Stanway’s mother, Dana Bosch, on Wednesday appealed for the public’s help for information about her son’s disappearance.

Statement of Dana Bosch

“My name is Dana Bosch. I am the Mumma of Dane Stanway. It’s been 4 years, 6 months and 10 days since Mother’s Day 2016, when I did not hear from my son. I knew something was wrong! Twelve days earlier, he had spent four days with his sister and I, resting away from his life. He left with a plan to change his life completely, to move away from the Sunshine Coast, to get and stay clean!  Dane had experienced a plant medicine detox that helped greatly unfortunately he went home to his old life, this time he was going to be prepared fully for a new start. Dane called me on May 1, the last conversation I would ever have with my boy. He was happy and excited to do it right this time. After many years of battling addiction, he was ready to be the true version of himself, to free himself of shame, remorse and the constant control of addiction. That chance was taken from him! This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

“Stand here and plead on live TV, telling the world I don’t know where my son is!

“Dane has been missing and presumed to have met with foul play and deceased, but how do we know and will we ever? I have no body, no conviction and none of his belongings. Living with this situation is devastating for me, my family and Dane’s friends. It is a daily challenge affecting our energy, ability to focus and get through everyday life. It is a very surreal situation; one I would pray no one has to endure.

“Dane was the sweetest boy, a thoughtful and kind son, a loving supportive brother, a true friend. He is missed, so very missed by many. It has been painful and heart breaking to witness his little sister’s life be turned upside down and devastated by his disappearance. Heartbreaking to watch her live with the unknown and the hope he may still be alive. We are in pain, lost, confused. These feelings and emotions will never go away until we know where Dane is and that those responsible for taking his life from us are in prison and paying for their atrocious actions. Closure is a need a necessity for us as humans to be able to move forward, to let go, and to accept a reality, a reality no one wants to experience. I want my son back.

“To those people out there who have information that could bring closure to us, I say to you we all have a choice in this life, every choice has an effect on you and the life of others. I do forgive those involved, as I understand addiction, mental health and trauma. I understand that “Hurt People Hurt People”; wounded traumatized people without the skills or support to find their way back to a path of healing and love, do horrible things. I know you are out there and that you know what happened to Dane. You heard or saw something. I know you know where my son’s body is. You have information and I know you are scared. You are a human being with a heart and I trust your heart knows what is right, to give the information that can set Dane’s family and friends free from this nightmare. We have not forgotten. We have not let this go. And we will never let this go. I know I am far from alone on this path of experiencing a traumatic loss, overdose, suicide or murder of a loved one. I send prayers and healing to you and the souls crossed over.

“Today I stand for my son, Dane Stanway. Thank you for listening.”

ANYONE with information is asked to contact the IHIT Information Line at 1-877-551-IHIT (4448), or by email at

Should you wish to remain anonymous, contact CrimeStoppers by phone at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).