Federal Liberals maintain lead over Conservatives. In B.C., Conservatives lead with 35%, Liberals and NDP tied at 29% each

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau Photo by Chandra Bodalia
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

IN a random sampling of public opinion taken by the Forum Poll among 1,370 Canadian voters, more than a third (36%) will vote Liberal if a federal election were held today, while just one third would vote Conservative (32%).

One fifth would vote for the NDP (21%), but few would vote Green (6%), Bloc Quebecois (4%) or for any other party (1%).

This represents a slight decline for the Liberals since last month (February 11 – 39%) and stasis for the Conservatives (February – 32%).

In Quebec, the Liberals lead at one third of the vote (33%) to one quarter for the NDP (24%) and one fifth for the Conservatives (20%). Fewer than one fifth would vote Bloc (16%).

In vote rich Ontario, where this year’s election will be won or lost, Liberals (38%) and Conservatives (37%) are tied, with a fifth of the vote going to the New Democrats (19%).

In Alberta, the Conservatives take more than half the vote (51%), but the Liberals are not shut out (29%).

In Atlantic Canada, the Liberals are absolutely dominant (63%).

In BC, the Liberals and NDP are tied for second place (29% each) behind the Conservatives (35%).
If these results are projected up to a 338 seat House of Commons, the Liberals would capture a minority of 138 seats (32 fewer than required for a majority) to 130 for the Conservatives, a very high 65 for the NDP , 4 for the Bloc Quebecois and 1 Green Party seat.

This stands in contrast to last month when the Liberals were projected to take a majority of 194 seats to 112 for the Conservatives. The NDP were projected to take just 30 seats last month.