Firecrackers in Port Coquitlam spark calls to police

AFTER several hours investigating a report of shots fired in a wooded, residential neighbourhood in Port Coquitlam, RCMP investigators have discovered that the suspicious noise was almost certainly caused by firecrackers.
“If you’re going to use firecrackers, fireworks or other noisemakers, it’s important to think twice about the reaction you’ll get from residents and the police,” said Coquitlam RCMP Cpl. Michael McLaughlin. We can’t ignore potential gunshots. There was a lot of worry and inconvenience for people who live nearby – not to mention the resources and money that went into this file.”
Police were on scene from about 4:30 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. and needed to search a large, wooded area bounded by Coast Meridian Road in the west, Cedar Drive in the east, Victoria Drive in the north and Prairie Avenue in the south. Three schools, BC Christian Academy, Leigh Elementary School and Minnekhada Middle School, were affected by the police investigation.
If you see ever any suspicious activity in progress, call 911. To report a non-emergency, or tell police if you’re going to use bear-bangers or other noisemakers that could be confused for gunshots, call the Coquitlam RCMP non-emergency line at 604-945-1550.