Flags on all City of Vancouver buildings lowered to half mast in recognition of Gino Odjick’s contributions

Gino Odjick Photo: Twitter

VANCOUVER Mayor Ken Sim in a statement on Monday on the death of former Vancouver Canuck Gino Odjick said: “It is with great sadness that Vancouver mourns the loss of Gino Odjick.

“Gino’s story is one of strength — a trailblazer and a Vancouver icon, a man who broke down barriers in professional sports and offered inspiration and hope to thousands of Vancouverites in his retirement.

“During his eight-year tenure as a Canuck, Gino delighted hockey fans night in and night out with his intense competitiveness and grit. In a season that would be his personal best, Gino was a part of the team that would take the Canucks to within one game of the Stanley Cup in 1994.

“A member of the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation, Gino was also one of the first Indigenous athletes to play in the NHL.

“But it was perhaps off the ice that we saw some of Gino’s greatest moments as an inspiration to our city. In the face of a terminal diagnosis, Gino Odjick showed not only strength, but a fierce tenacity and determination — he fought on for another eight years, helping to pioneer new medical research and give hope to many struggling with life threatening illness.

“Vancouver mourns the loss of Gino Odjick and our thoughts are with his family, his loved ones, and all those he inspired during his lifetime.”


MUSQUEAM Chief Wayne Sparrow said in a statement: “Gino was an incredible hockey player, community member, and friend.

“He was an inspiring role model for Indigenous youth, always remaining grounded in his culture and sharing stories of where he came from and what he overcame to become a Canucks legend.

“We are proud that Gino called Musqueam home for over three decades – investing in our community’s future and becoming family to me and many others.”

IN recognition of Gino Odjick’s contributions both on and off the ice, the flags on all City of Vancouver buildings have been lowered to half mast.


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