Flash Flooding Causes Chaos in Toronto

toronto floodsTORONTO: The Greater Toronto Area is trying to recover Tuesday, after record-setting rains swept across the area on Monday evening, putting streets under water, leaving thousands without power and stranding hundreds of people on a GO Train for hours.

Monday’s rains, measured at 126 mm for the day, set an all-time record for Toronto Pearson Airport, breaking a record that had stood for nearly 59 years. This new record was set in just 7 hours, whereas the previous record was set over 22 hours of rain, when Hurricane Hazel Hit the city on October 15th, 1954.

Flooded streets were reported across the metro area, with many streets, including the south end of the Don Valley Parkway, disappearing under water. Many commuters were forced to abandon their vehicles, and hundreds of people aboard a GO Train were stranded for roughly seven hours, as rising waters made it impossible for the train to go anywhere.

The rains are continuing Tuesday, with showers expected all day and more thunderstorms possible this afternoon.