Fly Over Canada (G) *****

Majestic Sights!

Rare do local productions have impacts across Canada and around the globe . Folks at Fly Over Canada have truly outdone themselves with their latest creation. Perfect timing sees this Vancouver based company bring out an exciting journey to China on the big screen, in 4-D no less, with their Flight of the Dragon. Fans of the popular How to Train Your Dragon films will feel right at home as a flying serpent takes us deep into mysterious China with all its history and glory. Definite perfect entrainment for the whole family this “added attraction” is awing audiences throughout the Chinese New Year until, March 5, 2015. So celebrate this firecracker of a fun visual treat at Canada Place in downtown Vancouver on its beautiful one of a kind west coast waterfront .
Smart people like getting a bargain. Nothing is better than getting two for one. Locals and visitors can book times for this flight by simply showing up at the admissions kiosk. Done up with images of China and a passionate red hue the first clue of what your about to see is an Attractive woman give a quick run down on the China film. Then, after a short safety 3 minute introduction folks are marched one by one and led to dots on the floor before going into the theatre in an orderly fashion, like entering Noah’s Ark. But instead of a boat we’re strapped into seats, prepared for take-off, and set sail for the ride of your life.

Speed picks up and a host of stimuli caress your body as images of China envelop the screen. Misty water caresses your face as for 10 or so minutes we are stimulated with shots of China, showcasing its marvellous history, geography and natural wonders. Sweeping and majestic, if you can’t make the 11 hour flight to this exciting country for a mere $20 you can be an arm-chair traveller from the comfort of downtown Vancouver.

And that’s only the start of your fun day/evening, Right after the China film ends immediately Fly Over Canada begins. From coast to coast to coast you get a feel for this great land with striking images and uncanny musical accompaniments. Creativity and adventure collide in this fun-filled attraction. What’s more, after the show ends you can buy 1/2 price tickets to a future show as well as photos of you enjoying the scenic backdrops in a nod to cruise ship photographers. Talk about smart marketers.

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By Robert Waldman