Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau wishes a very happy Republic Day to all Indians

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Marc Garneau on Tuesday in a statement said: “Canada salutes the people of India on the 72nd anniversary of their republic and constitution.

“Our countries have a long-standing friendship. Our shared history, parliamentary traditions and democratic values lie at the heart of this bond, and the challenges of the past year show that the links between our countries continue to grow stronger.

“Early last year, our countries worked together tirelessly to repatriate more than 27,000 Canadians and permanent residents from India as well as thousands of Indian citizens from Canada, demonstrating the solidarity between our peoples.

“India’s leadership in sustaining global supply chains of critical medical supplies and pharmaceuticals has proven to be invaluable, helping a great number of Canadians.

“On India’s Republic Day, we are reminded of the importance of strengthening current bonds as well as forging new ones in the years ahead.

“I wish a very happy Republic Day to all Indians.”