Former MLA Hayer condemns attack on Surrey Hindu Temple

Former Surrey-Tynehead MLA Dave S. Hayer staunchly condemns what appears to be a violent act of racism following an attack on the Laxmi Narayan Hindu Temple on 140th St. in Surrey, on the eve of June 23, 2013.

“Racism and acts of violence have no place in our community or in our society,” said Hayer. “This act of malicious vandalism is unacceptable, and those who committed it should face the full penalty of the law.

“Surrey is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, and everyone should accept and celebrate that fact,” continued Hayer. “We must not only support and respect all races and religions in our province and country, but live in peace and harmony with all.

“A temple, gurdwara, church or any sacred gathering place is there for people to worship and to celebrate the freedoms we hold so dear in this country. They are not places to fight presumed battles over racial intolerance … they are places where everyone should feel welcome and at peace.

“This terrible act of violence has no place in Canada and everyone should and I’m certain does, condemn it,” added Hayer.

“I am hopeful that the Surrey RCMP will track down and apprehend the despicable people who perpetrated this act of vandalism, and I trust that our courts will send a message to them through strong sentencing that this activity is not acceptable in Canada.” said the former MLA Hayer.

Hayer has spoken to Laxmi Narayan Temple leaders and expressed his deep disgust over these violent acts, and offered his sincerest condolences to all members of the temple.