Former RCMP officer Jack Hundial to run for Surrey Council

Jack Hundial
Photo submitted

FORMER RCMP Officer Jack Hundial on Monday announced that he was going to run for Surrey Council.

In a statement, the former Mountie said: “As a dad and a 25-year member of the RCMP, I have been blessed with great opportunities right here in Surrey. Many of you have encouraged and inspired me to continue my commitment of public service. Today, I am happy to announce that I am running for Council.

“As I start this campaign, I have been guided by three principles that I believe are necessary to bring about improvements to this place – the City of Surrey — where we choose to live, work, and pursue hobbies, sports, and cultural endeavours.

“Change – Change the current culture on Council to one that encourages public involvement, debate and open discussion. Change that puts the needs of all the citizens of Surrey as the priority rather than pander to the ideals of a few. Change that is smart and sustainable for our future needs.

“Safety – Creating a safe city where the public feels safe is the number one priority facing the new Council. Ensure the police are seen and involved in our city and are free to use their expertise without political interference. Establish a Police Board that includes public members to assist the police in creating a vibrant and safer city.

“Transparency – Re-establish the public trust at Surrey City Hall so decision-making is clear and transparent. Hold the Mayor, Council and Senior Staff accountable to the Citizens. Create a new governance model that includes a fixed term Ethics Commissioner and City Ombudsman, like other large Canadian cities.

“The City of Surrey faces major challenges, and I will be consulting, asking questions, talking to people in the community and wanting to hear from you in the coming weeks. Let’s talk about crime, policing, housing, transportation, homelessness, and environmental stewardship.

“I am committed to serving the best needs of the people of Surrey so that we can all enjoy our city once again. My goal is to make Surrey a better place through good governance and restored accountability. Please join me. To stay current, please connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please also check out my team’s site at to submit your ideas and suggestions as we grow.”