Fortress Toronto remains solidly behind Trudeau: Forum Poll

Half of all Toronto voters say they’re likely to cast a vote for Liberals  

IN a random sampling of public opinion taken by The Forum Poll among 1059 Toronto voters, among those decided and leaning, half (50%) say they would support the Liberals if the election were held today. A quarter (26%) say they would support the Conservatives. 

One in 10 (10%) say they would support the Greens, while a similar proportion (10%) say they would support the NDP. 

Few are supporting the PPC (3%) or another party (1%).

Trudeau approval almost half, much higher than nationally 

In Toronto, Justin Trudeau’s approval is half (49%), much higher than across the country (September 21: 37%). His disapproval is at 4 in 10 (41%), much lower than it is nationally (September 21: 54%). One in 10 (10%) say they don’t know.

His net favourable score (approve-disapprove)  in Toronto is +8, roughly 25 points higher than his net favourable score nationally (September 21: -17).