Four years later: Stanley Cup Riot charges update


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THE Criminal Justice Branch of the Justice Ministry on Wednesday announced that four years after the June 15, 2011 Stanley Cup Riot, comprehensive investigative reports on a total of 366 persons have been forwarded by police to the Branch for charge assessment and prosecution arising out of the riot beginning with a group of 60 suspects received October 31, 2011.

The charge assessment process in relation to all of these suspects has been completed. Since the last update on October 23, 2014, there have been no further investigative files received from the Vancouver Police Department.

As many as 887 criminal charges were approved against a total of 300 persons, and the prosecution of those persons was commenced in adult court or youth court depending on the age of the person on the day of the riot. There are 66 persons against whom the Branch has concluded that no charges will be approved.

A total of 285 of those charged with criminal offences have entered guilty pleas. This includes all young persons who were charged. To date, eight accused have had their charges resolved by trial: one person was acquitted while the remaining seven accused were convicted of all charges. There are two accused persons whose trial has been completed, but the court has reserved its decision until September 10. Of the 292 accused who have been convicted or pled guilty, 281 have been sentenced. There is one outstanding warrant for an accused who no longer resides in Canada, and four accused have had their charges stayed by Crown counsel.

The prosecution of these cases continues to be handled by members of the Criminal Justice Branch Riot Prosecution Team, which was established shortly after the riot occurred in order to provide an effective and co-ordinated approach to the processing of riot-related cases.