Fraser Health announces renewed efforts help preserve maternity unit at Peace Arch Hospital

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum welcomes Health Minister and Fraser Health CEO’s efforts


FRASER Health on Thursday said that significant new scheduling commitments from the pediatric group at Peace Arch Hospital and commitments from other provider partners, ensure that expectant individuals who have pre-existing plans to deliver their babies at the hospital will be able to see those plans through with only sporadic single-day diversions and only when necessary.

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum said in a statement: “I am delighted that the Peace Arch Hospital maternity unit will remain open and continue to serve the growing community of young families in South Surrey and White Rock. There is no question that the decision to keep the maternity unit open is the right one. I want to thank the residents, doctors and nurses for banding together to voice their concerns. I also would like to thank Health Minister Adrian Dix and Fraser Health CEO Dr. Victoria Lee for their efforts in finding a solution to keep this valuable community health resource open.”

Fraser Health said in a statement: “Previously, challenges owing to a gap in pediatric coverage at Peace Arch Hospital – and its impact on the commitment to provide the best and safest care for patients and their babies — necessitated the announced extended diversion to Langley Memorial Hospital for deliveries, said Fraser Health in a statement.

It added: “All partners are committed to working towards safe maternity services at Peace Arch Hospital with no disruption while Fraser Health continues its recruitment efforts. We acknowledge all of our partners for their continued support for maternity and pediatric services at Peace Arch Hospital.

“The maternity unit at Peace Arch Hospital is fully funded and will remain fully funded.

“As well, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, we have been able to implement an alternative payment model to support pediatric recruitment. We have also expanded our services to support a Pediatric Rapid Access Clinic at Peace Arch Hospital. These actions underscore and reaffirm our commitment to maternity and pediatric services at Peace Arch Hospital. Recruitment is a challenge, and for this reason is a priority, and we will provide regular updates on progress.

“We would like to thank the pediatric group and our provider partners for their support and continued dedication to caring for newborn babies in the White Rock and South Surrey communities. The role of a pediatrician is incredibly important for babies — especially those who are born with complications. High-risk pregnancies can also potentially affect the baby’s health and pediatricians provide essential health care in these cases, too. This is a necessary and required service that families would expect, and that Fraser Health will ensure is available to them.”

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