Fraserview Meats gearing up for nation-wide expansion

Photos by Jay Sharma of Mahi Photo Studio

LAST week when Surrey-Delta residents flocked to the new grocery stores Chalo Freshco in Surrey they had a reason to smile, since they spotted their favourite meat shop Fraserview Meats inside them. Fraserview Meats has been given an exclusive opportunity by Chalo Freshco to retail their meats at their newly-opened stores at Scott Road and Newton.

Fraserview Meat stores have been serving their community with taste and variety for more than 20 years. Their story is a great example of visionary immigrants who have created successful businesses with their hard work. Jagir Singh Nagra moved to Canada from England with an experience in meats industry.

He started Fraserview Meats in the early 90s at Fraser Street and 51st Avenue in Vancouver. In 2003, they opened their first location in Surrey on 80th Avenue next to Fruiticana which is one of the most popular locations. Then they got into franchising with eight stores. Their aim is to open 14 stores in the near future with two stores in Abbotsford and Richmond this year and four others in Alberta.

It was a proud moment for Nagra, President and Founder of Fraserview Meats. He said: “We are known for our quality products. Since we were doing so well here, Sobey’s which is one of the biggest food retailers in Canada, gave us this opportunity to open our stores under their new flag Chalo Freshco. Depending on how this pilot project goes, Chalo Freshco might consider us for retailing our meats in their stores across BC and Canada. And I am very optimistic about it.”

Nagra thanked the community for its support. “I used to work at a meat shop in England. I am grateful to this country that has given me and many other immigrants like me, the opportunity to grow and expand their dreams,” he said.


  1. I hope Nagra’s meat bussiness will flourish rapidly, They did rightly, choosing Chalo Freshco.

  2. Balle Bhaji s. Jagir Singh Nagra ji& Mandeep Nagra ji Khandelwal gadd te Canada ch. God bless you.

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