Garage door openers stolen from vehicles being increasingly used in residential break-ins, warn Delta Police

FOLLOWING an increase in break and enters at homes using garage door openers stolen from vehicles, Delta Police on Wednesday issued a warning to the public to make sure not to leave the openers in their vehicles.

In a typical scenario, a homeowner leaves their garage door opener in their vehicle while it is parked in their driveway or outside their home. Often the vehicles are left unlocked. Thieves break into the vehicle, steal the garage door opener and then use it to access the garage.

More recently, the thieves have been accessing homes through unlocked connecting interior doors from garages. Once inside the home, the thieves locate the vehicle keys, load up any belongings from the home and garage, and then steal the vehicle as well.

Several of the most recent break and enters occurred while the residents were sleeping at home.

To protect your property, police suggest that you treat your garage door opener like cash: remove it from your vehicle and keep it in your purse. Imagine your garage door opener is as valuable as all the items in your home and keep it with you.


* Lock your vehicle: make it a less desirable target for thieves

* Remove everything from your vehicle: if there’s nothing else, thieves will steal clothing, sunglasses, ball caps, small change, your stinky gym bag, and basically anything not bolted down

* Consider installing motion activated lights; like vampires, thieves hate being caught unawares in bright lights

Report any suspicious activity or persons to police: 911 if you believe a crime may be occurring, or 604-946-4411 in Delta for any non-emergency report.