Government releases ICBC regulations, claiming its increasing care for injured people

THE Province has released regulations on the auto insurance product changes announced earlier this year, claiming that it’s increasing care for injured people while helping ICBC return to financial sustainability.

The regulations establish items including:

* updated treatment fees and types of treatments covered by ICBC, such as acupuncture and counselling, effective April 1, 2019, for both new and existing claims;

* new and increased accident benefits, such as wage loss, will come into effect for accidents occurring on or after April 1, 2019;

* the complete definition of a minor injury as it relates to payouts for pain and suffering, building on the legislated definition;

* treatment protocol guidelines for examination, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of minor injuries to provide more consistent care for people injured in a crash; and

* using registered care advisors as a new resource to support physicians.

These changes to ICBC’s accident benefits will cost an estimated $200 million annually. This will be offset by an estimated saving of $1.2 billion per year through reduced legal costs, a limit on payouts for pain and suffering for minor injuries and a new dispute resolution model, resulting in projected net savings of $1 billion annually.


  1. BC NDP propaganda that you fell for! Do your research! They just defined brain injuries as minor injuries!! And rates are higher than Alberta which does not cap brain injury claims at a laughable $5500!!

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