Government of Canada supports the expansion of the Surrey Museum

Museum expansion exterior parking lot view.

ON Thursday, John Aldag, MP for Cloverdale—Langley City, on behalf of Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, and Linda Hepner, Mayor of Surrey, announced funding of over $15.7 million for upgrades to the Surrey Museum.
“On behalf of Surrey City Council, I’m pleased to announce the expansion of the Surrey Museum, the result of many years of collaboration with numerous stakeholders,” said Hepner. “This new Heritage Campus will educate and entertain visitors as they explore our stories and communities. The museum and campus will provide interactive and innovative perspectives about stories that link our communities with the relevant issues we face today. This will better equip younger generations with the knowledge and understanding needed to address the challenges of the future.”
The project consists of additions to the museum’s main building and surrounding campus grounds. The Kids Explore Zone will be tripled in size and an Indigenous Hall completed through collaboration with Surrey’s Indigenous communities. A feature gallery for national and international exhibitions that can also be used for community exhibits and celebrations will be constructed, as well as a welcoming foyer for special events and evening rentals. In addition, heritage buildings such at the 1881 Town Hall will be moved to this site, creating a Heritage Campus that includes the Surrey Archives, Cloverdale Library and Veteran’s Square.
“Cultural and recreational infrastructure plays a key role in developing dynamic communities where families can play together, where neighbours can meet, and where Canadians can celebrate the many cultures that make up our country,” said Aldag. “The Government of Canada is proud to support the expansion of the Surrey Museum, which will help ensure that many more generations can continue to learn about the rich history of Canada, British Columbia, and Surrey.”
Once complete, the Museum will be a community hub where visitors can learn about Canada’s and Surrey’s rich heritage and the contemporary issues in our lives today and into the future. Visitors will engage with dynamic exhibits and programs that are relevant, creative, innovative and encourage participation and action. Visitors can explore exciting topics like energy use, food security, transportation, housing, innovation and sustainability in fun, interactive ways, as well as gather with friends to study and strengthen their sense of community.

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