Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen now has charitable status

GURU Nanak’s Free Kitchen (GNFK) has obtained charity status from Canada Revenue Agency.  You can contact them by phone at 604-617-7382 or email to make a donation and receive a tax deductible receipt.

“We will also be launching a portal to receive donations online – please stay tuned for more announcements on our Facebook page,” says the GNFK Team.

Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen is a volunteer lead organization and has been serving the local community since 2007.  Being volunteer lead means that donations go directly to the community for community initiatives (no administration fees or employee salaries), the GNFK points out.

Accomplishments to date:

  • Over 400,000 meals served via weekly events
  • Over 20,000 toys collected and distributed via annual toy drives
  • Planted 1100 trees in 2019 in commemoration of #NanakShahi550
  • Donated thousands of school supplies to kids in need
  • Hosted several winter blanket and clothes drives for shelters and those in need (Downtown East Side)
  • Consistently deliver care packages to local women shelters during annual Valentine’s Day events.

“We are thankful to the community for their generous donations and support.  This support enables us to consistently serve the community on a regular basis,” says the GNFK.